Welcome to Forum Uppsala-Örebro!
The Regional Node for Coordination of Clinical Studies

Forum Uppsala-Örebro represent one of Sweden’s largest health care regions and have as its main mission to support collaboration within the region and nationwide with stakeholders interested in promoting clinical studies. Forum Uppsala-Örebro is a part of Clinical Studies Sweden, a collaboration between the Swedish Research Council and Sweden's six health care regions with the mission to improve the conditions for conducting clinical studies and increase the quality of the studies, in addition to increase the number of participants in clinical studies.

Forum Uppsala-Örebro is the regional node of the Uppsala-Örebro health care region and consist of seven local nodes, the county councils of Dalarna, Sörmland and Värmland and the regions of Örebro, Uppsala, Västmanland and Gävleborg, each with a dedicated local coordinator. The Network of Local Coordinators has an important role in building an efficient infrastructure and communication model within the health care region. The network is coordinated by Forum Uppsala-Örebro with the main purpose to act as the operational part of Forum Uppsala-Örebro at local level with responsibility for information sharing and network building and establishment of contacts with clinics, researches and other local stakeholders involved in clinical studies.

Forum Uppsala-Örebro is a resource for researchers and healthcare staff

Forum Uppsala-Örebro is a resource for researchers, clinical investigators and research nurses within the Uppsala-Örebro health care region. We offer:
  • professional assistance in clinical training, GCP, monitoring, biostatistics and biobanking
  • networking and assistance in regulatory issues, planning and design of studies
  • A Single Point of Entry for feasibility studies’ - assistance in identifying clinics interested in participating in studies with access to all seven county councils in the health care region Uppsala-Örebro
  • assistance for researchers in register studies, biobanking, biostatistics, health economy, epidemiology and other relevant fields

You are welcome to contact Forum Uppsala-Örebro regarding your specific needs.