Goddess’ Dream — Bulgari Divas’ Dream Series Jewelry

Bvlgari Divas’ Dream series jewelry greets the elegant women while demonstrating the constant charm of Rome. Since the beginning of the ancient Roman era represented by marble columns and bronze statues of the gods, this eternal city has become a living museum, showing the world its force and magnificence. Bulgari, a modern jewellery master in Rome, carefully crafted every masterpiece. In Bvlgari’s view, every woman deserves to have beautiful things. Bvlgari jewelry makes timeless female charm more full and eye-catching.

Each woman’s heart is asleep with a charming goddess who is sensuous,unique and waiting to awaken. This is an inherent trait, and it is precisely because of this that every woman has a unique charm. The goddess in the heart guides women’s love, desire and pursuit of all good things.Bulgari Divas’ Dream Series Jewelry emerges as the times require. Divas’ Dream jewelry with  changeable styles, beautiful colors and elegant texture, perfect displays the rich diversity of women’s appearance, personality and emotion , to meet the needs of different occasions. The rose-gold and white gold arc-shaped base sets off the beauty of the magnificent gemstones and complements the unique and delicate gemstones’ cuts, which fully demonstrates the sexy and colorful core concept of Divas’ Dream series. Under the resplendent brilliance of jewelry, the charming goddess in the hearts of each woman is quietly awakened.

The Essence of Fashion

Hurriedly bringing pink lipstick into her handbag and wearing a Divas’ Dream diamond necklace, she carefully examined herself in front of the mirror, turned her back, and the stylish white skirt swayed. She smiled lightly with satisfaction, waved her hands and blow a kiss to her daughters as a farewell. Her husband already waited in the car and was ready to set off to the racecourse. This was their special agreement. Walking toward the track, the applause around the ears was warmer and the elegant ladies dressed up. She gently played with the exquisite pendant on her chest, and her mouth always maintained a confident smile. Seeing that her husband was looking at her, she blinked at him and her heart was secretly happy: Today’s selection of accessories — the beloved Bvlgari Divas’ Dream diamond necklace is very wise and will surely bring good luck to her betting.

Exquisite and beautiful, with a natural elegance, the classic fan-shaped design is simple, unique and contains a lucky shimmer. Divas’ Dream series is available in rose gold with pavé diamonds,as well as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings,etc.; you can also choose white gold material with the same pavé diamonds, rings and earrings are both classic fan-shaped . In a light smile, there is no doubt that the natural beauty is always right, whether or not she wears her unique and all-matching jewels from her collections. The playful and casual white gold or rose gold earrings, pendants and rings complement the delicate pavé diamonds or delicate pearl oyster and are a good choice for her.

Bvlgari Divas’ Dream Necklace

Sexy and Elegant

They came together slowly from the upstairs and made public appearances for the first time. She gazed eagerly at his eyes, feeling like a deer. At the moment, she is as beautiful as a princess. Her noble royal blue dress is adorned with the dazzling Divas’ Dream jewellery. In the ocean of flashlight, Bulgari Divas’ Dream series jewelry appeared even more brilliant, and this time her face with a smile, as if to tell you that she had chosen the most appropriate dress and jewelry for this occasion. When she walked into the dance floor with her lover, her graceful posture danced gracefully with the rhythm, and her midnight prince was already enchanted by her.

When the ultimate charm is revealed, the attractive and feminine qualities of women will be perfectly released, with a touch of glamorous and superb dreams. Under the backdrop of Divas’ Dream jewels, she became the highlight of the night. The beautiful rose gold necklace is complemented by pink sapphires and pavé diamonds. Sensual colors and precious stones complement each other.

The white gold material is embossed with emeralds and pavé diamonds. With the exquisite craftsmanship of Bvlgari masters, the graceful curves of women are displayed in full detail. If this day is the theme of color, this emerald-encrusted necklace is the best choice for interpretation of her queen-like sparkling charm in many jewels.

Divas’ Dream jewelry allows women to shine on any occasion. Another cascade-like pavé diamond necklace is also a good choice. The diamond reveals the elegant and feminine charm. Whether it is white gold or rose gold, elegant and chic necklaces and earrings together add luster to women’s neck.

Bvlgari Diva’s Dream Earrings

Modern Charm

After the speech, she changed into a black costume and rushed to the art exhibition. Elegant and fashionable Bvlgari jewelry can meet the needs of different occasions, but she also kept an elegant and calm attitude at all times. She is a fashion leader and has a fascinating charm. Her jewellery collection is famous for its abundance and preciousness. At the same time, the beauty bloomed from the inside out has also made her the focus. This beauty comes from the graceful curvature of her eyebrows and her smart line of Bulgari Divas’ Dream Series Jewelry.

The Divas’ Dream series, with its splendid colors, is favored by independent urban women and demonstrates the spirit of self-confidence and freedom of modern women. This series of rose gold bracelets adopts a modern design with a touch of malachite and elegant pearl oyster. Whether it is worn alone or with rose gold necklaces in malachite and diamonds, it can exhibit a vibrant and refined appearance. The Divas’ Dream rose gold bracelet is the best choice for highlighting the charm of the wrist, and the newly designed vertical earrings are the best match. The entire series is exquisitely elegant and easy to wear, circles lightly around the neck or wrist, pavé diamonds and pearl oyster complement each other and shine.

Bvlgari Divas’ Dream Bracelet

Every Woman Has a Goddess in Her Heart

This iconic jewellery collection boasts one of the most beautiful souls, symbolizes the diversity of women’s styles, emotions and characteristics, as well as their colourful multifaceted life. Each Bvlgari Divas’ Dream series’ product is a representative of feminine charm, showing women’s moving qualities — refined, modern, elegant, playful, dreamy, but without losing the goddess’ charisma. Bvlgari women are always in thousands of postures with variation of styles. They show the grace of the goddess in the depths of their hearts through their favorite jewelry.

The heart goes in the direction of the dream — Bvlgari Divas’ Dream series is given a dreamy and mysterious mood, and a more daring interpretation of the classic fan-shaped design. The Divas’ Dream series complements the graceful contours of women and demonstrates the pinnacle of Italian feminine glamour.

Bvlgari is inspired by the ultimate charm and beauty of the goddess, Divas’ Dream series fully captures her attractive charm and brilliance. Since the Golden Age of Dolce Vita, this jewelry brand from Italy has won the favor of movie stars. Since then, Bulgari has been a favorite of elegant famous actress for decades.

In response to the goddesses’ support and love of Bvlgari brand, the glittering Bvlgari Divas’ Dream series was born. This series is charming, noble and elegant, demonstrating the outstanding and graceful postures of contemporary goddesses. Divas’ Dream jewelry perfectly blends modern femininity and is a great compliment to women’s glamour.

Bvlgari Divas’ Dream Ring

Select a Right Hermes Belt Which Can Upgrade Your Modeling

A belt as an accessory that can be large and small are often the single item ignored by men. In fact, choosing the right belt not only plays a functional role, but also adds to your taste. Hermes belt quietly revealed its position in this season’s menswear show. It used to be concealed under the jacket. This season, it has become a protagonist in some designs. It can’t be ignored and even dominates a fashion trend of a styling.

Fashion Show Belt

On Hermes fashion show,Hermes Belt Men Replica is in line with the color of the clothes, and makes the entire model more artistic and chic. The circular embossed metal buckle straps of Hermes Belt UK Replica make the theme of travel throughout UK even more vibrant. The carved metal buckle belt–Hermes Belt Buckle Replica, although inspired by the cowboy belt, is more than half as narrow, and immediately becomes very fashionable.

Business Belt

Hermes Belt’s Collocation Scheme 1

Suit Top: Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Cotton Shirt: Bottega Veneta

Flap Trousers: Polo Ralph Lauren

Striped Tie: Gant

Leather Belt: Replica Hermes Belt H Buckle

Replica Hermes Belt H Buckle

Hermes Belt’s Collocation Scheme 2

Suit: Louis Vuitton

Cotton Shirts: Boss

Nylon Tie: Boss

Buckle Belt: Replica Hermes Belt Buckles

Replica Hermes Belt Buckles

Hermes Belt’s Collocation Scheme 3

Vertical Striped Suit: Boss

Cotton Shirt: Alfred Dunhill

Tie: Tom Ford

Square Buckle Belt: Replica Hermes Belt Gold Buckle

Replica Hermes Belt Gold Buckle

Casual Belt

Hermes Belt’s Collocation Scheme 4

Collar Knit Top: Cerruti

Striped Trousers: Dolce & Gabbana

Leather Belt: Replica Hermes Crocodile Belt

Replica Hermes Crocodile Belt

Hermes Belt’s Collocation Scheme 5

Color-block Polo Shirt: Club Monaco

Shorts: Uniqlo

Belt: Reversible Replica Hermes Belt

Reversible Replica Hermes Belt

Hermes Belt’s Collocation Scheme 6

Knit Pullover: Sandro

Striped Trousers: Canali

Belt: Replica Hermes Collier De Chien Belt

Replica Hermes Collier De Chien Belt

Evening Dress Belt

Hermes Belt’s Collocation Scheme 7

Damask Dress Top: Tom Ford

Knit Cardigan: Uniqlo

Trousers: Giorgio Armani

Belt: Replica Hermes Constance Belt

Replica Hermes Constance Belt

Hermes Belt’s Collocation Scheme 8

Gemstone Buckle Dress Suit: Corneliani

Tank Vest: Calvin Klein Collection

Fine Cotton Kerchief: Berluti

Belt: Black And Gold Replica Hermes Belt

Black And Gold Replica Hermes Belt

Hermes Belt’s Collocation Scheme 9

Dark Gold Buckle Dress Suit: Versace

Shirt: Alfred Dunhill

Belt: Replica Hermes Belt Kits

Replica Hermes Belt Kits

Hermes Belt’s Selection Tips:

  1. The color of the summer dress is bleak and crisp, and the brown belt is anall-matchingchoice except black.
  2. The classic gray suit with a side buckle belt is a classic business model.
  3. The Hermes belt with a huge brand logo“H”is obviously not suitable for office use. It is better to use a smart alternative with the pattern or text belt.
  4. The splicing of different material waists with a sense of leisure is a perfect “mate” of Bermuda shorts and cotton POLO.
  5. There is no need for the entire appearance, and sometimes the casual appearance of the belt will have an unexpected effect.
  6. The key to the color ofthe same color system lies in the contrast between different materials to highlight the level.
  7. The material from the belt of precious leather material is the icing on the cakefor theluxurious dinner dress .
  8. The patterned belt is already eye-catching, and the understated luxury black silk dress is the best off set.
  9. Belt width has more implied meanings, narrow version of the belt escapesfrom the traditionalstyle with more stylish qualities.

Amulette de Cartier Releases Your Dream

An exclusive mysterious curse, unlocks the magical guardian power, which holds the precious desire of the heart: Amulette de Cartier jewelry series, inlaid with pearl oyster, onyx or diamond. Just one sight of the photo can make anyone have a deep longing for it. Delicate clasps, beautiful hollows and hidden collections are so charming.

Amulette de Cartier Necklace,18K Rose Gold,Malachite,Diamond,Small Size

“Amulette” means “amulet” in French, and Cartier’s Amulette de Cartier series is such a magical token. When the courage to dream-pursuing is embodied in lucky locks with exquisite shapes, the miraculous guardian power will come to an end. Under the glittering and shining halo, the dream in the depth of your heart will fly out quietly, and the power filled with your heart will be released bravely.

Amulette de Cartier Ring,18K Yellow Gold,White Pearl Oyster,Diamond,Ultra Small Size

Everyone has an endless longing for beauty, an eager desire for eternality, and these engraved dreams will be unleashed under the auspices of Amulette de Cartier. The pearl oyster, onyx, and limpid diamond form a symbolic perfect circle, which is like a rosary for prayer and is given magical protection and blessings.

Amulette de Cartier Bracelet,18K Rose Gold,Onyx,White Pearl Oyster,Diamond,Ultra Small Size

In the spring when this dream comes true, let Amulette de Cartier accompany you and link good luck to your neck, and let go of the long-cherished dream in your calm heart.

Amulette de Cartier Earrings,18K Yellow Gold,White Pearl Oyster,Diamond,Small Size

An Hermes Belt Is No Less Important than Its Big-Name Handbag

There are always some single items in the closet. You think that its full value is only to meet the basic needs of clothing, but you’ve never thought that it is so important that it can be able to become an important addition to the overall shape, such as socks and underwear,what’s more, an Hermes belt is what we are going to talk about today. These details which we often missed, are often the key to winning or losing of our dress collocation.

Why Do You Need to Wear An Hermes Belt?

  1. To Adjust the Proportion of Body and Lengthen the Legs

Adjusting the proportion of body can be described as the “basic function” of the Hermes belt (it does not only exist for the purpose of “reducing the waistline”), especially when wearing a long skirt, the long leg effect is the most obvious as it is described that “where Hermes belt is worn ,where the waist is located in, and below the waist is all legs”. If such a loose dress does not have an Hermes waistband to outline the waistline, it will be easy to “stress your height and make you appear shorter than usual.”

  1. AnHermes Belt Enables One Piece of Clothing to Match Other More Clothes and More Styles

Want to change Oversized shirts to shirt skirts? Want a blouse to change your dress? An Hermes belt can make you “wear a new dress” without spending a fortune. This loose blouse which ties with a waistband, immediately becomes a dress with a defined waist.

  1. Sometimes AnHermesBelt May Be the Soul of a Suit

The charisma of simple dress is enough, but if the details are missing, it will be easy to be bland. The Hermes belt can be used as the eye-catching finishing touch and enrichment of unity and coherence at this time. There is a bright spot in the whole body due to an Hermes belt, and passers-by can learn how to wear the same color around the whole body.

It Will Yield Twice the Result with Half the Effort When You Collocate an Hermes Belt with These Clothes:

  1. Hermes Belt +Wide-Leg Pants

In summer, a pair of squat wide leg trousers has their own long leg effect, and then tie the Hermes waistband at the high waist position. The visual determination of the waist line allows the legs to be a few centimeters longer, and those jumpsuits without a waistline design also apply to this method, after you attach an Hermes belt to the jumpsuits,it shows not only a long leg, but also a thin waist. Even if the top doesn’t fit into your trousers, you can use the Hermes belt to “mark” the waist.

You still need to pay attention: If your own waist line is very inconspicuous, it won’t be suitable for tying your belt, which will amplify your shortcomings.

  1. Hermes Belt +Long Skirt

Hermes Belt + Long Skirt and Hermes Belt + Wide-Leg Pants are similar in effect, especially for the dress whose length is over the knee , leg length is second, slender waist is the key.

You still need to pay attention: Hermes belt should add brilliance to the long skirt’s present splendor instead of gilding the lily, so try to avoid too many other tedious accessories when you match the belt; Hermes belt should not be such a loose “pickup” position in the hip, if there is no such long legs for you, it is easy to appear a five head figure.

  1. Hermes Belt + Straight Jeans

In addition to creating a perfect ratio, another important role of Hermes belt is to emphasize the style, such as this year’s hot marching method of Hermes Belt + Straight Jeans, its effect will be greatly reduced for the absence of Hermes belt, and remember to string the belt honestly into the trousers’ tache-hole, that will be very authentic.

You still need to pay attention: If it is a low-waist jeans, the belt must not be so low with loose pants, and it is easy to look fat (especially not suitable for wide-hip people).

  1. Hermes Belt + A-line skirt

A-line skirt itself has been pinched in place, so in addition to emphasizing the proportion of waistline and body size, the slightly wider Hermes belt not only enhances the waist effect but also adds a modern retro sense to the A-line skirt.

You still need to pay attention: The light-colored belt has its own expansion effect, especially when used with dark clothes. The wider it is, the more cautious it is. It is better to learn how to choose the same color of the belt as Princess Kate and Irina Shayk.

Any Advanced Matching Methods?

  1. Hermes Belt + Knitwear + BustSkirt

Although the combination of knitwear and bust skirt is difficult to make mistakes, it often gives people a dreary sense of too much mildness. Attaching an Hermes belt not only increases the details of the clothing but also brings about the adjustment of ratio(This method is suitable for both knit sweaters and knit cardigans) .

  1. Hermes Belt + Suit Jacket

Does the Look of office suit make you feel boring? You can make the style more diverse by adding an Hermes belt, do not underestimate this change, it can make the original “serious” suit looks more sexy.

You Must Have These Hermes Belts:

1.A Wide One

A wide Hermes belt has a sense of existence, can not only enhance the waist effect, but also further emphasize the style. The simplest way for beginners is to comply with the principle of “no more than three colors in the whole body” , so as to avoid the wide belt being too exaggerated in its shape.

Hermes 11 Crocodile Gold H Belt,Coffee

2.A Fine One

Compared with the wide one, the classic fine Hermes belt in a nice appearance is relatively more practical and full of scholar’s style.It is not easy to go wrong with the basic models, and is also a finishing touch in the whole dress collocation.

Hermes Reversible O Leather Belt,H Ardware 1

3.A Black One

Black belts and black leather shoes, small black skirts are the same as the essential classic models. The style with metal buckles is more popular this year. An Hermes black belt with a good texture always allows you to be fine and decent, and the sense of luxury is inadvertently revealed.

Hermes 11 Reversible Clemence Leatherh Belt,Black

4.A Brown One

The advantage of the brown Hermes belt is that it comes with a kind of rough style, especially in the summer, brown is often easier than black to give out more graceful temperament.

Hermes 11 Reversible Clemence Leatherh Belt,Brown

5.With A Big Logo

In the era of vintage, Hermes belt with a large logo–the French letter”H”,has not been a symbol of “luxury” yet for a long time, but has become a representative mix of Hermes’ specific styles:retro, simple magnificent, classic,chic… Nothing more than an Hermes belt with a big logo “H” can make you catch the eye quickly.

Hermes 11 Reversible Clemence Leather Gold H Belt,White

Cartier Earrings Fit Your Face to Be Stylish and Slimming

How can you ‘smartly’ stand out in the crowd? A pair of eye-catching earrings with clean makeup can be your best strategy. As a statement of your individuality, in social situations, you also find a topic for those who want to approach you.

Designers and jewellery stylists of Cartier earrings have also made our task easier. Whether they are high street series or traditional luxury series or jewelry series, the key words surrounding the design of Cartier earrings by the brand designers are all—to highlight the sense of existence.

Cartier earrings are divided into two types from the style, earring type and pendant type. Divided from the shape,Cartier earrings include circular, square, triangular, irregular geometry, and in this season the style of exaggerated baroque or clip art is very popular. In addition to the traditional gems and pearls, the material now has 3D-printed materials with a sense of science and technology, laser fabrics, etc.The length is also becoming longer and longer. Then here comes the question, how do you choose a pair of Cartier earrings that suit your style?

What is called the mutant ever victorious, the matching of Cartier earrings’ shape and your own face, is the priority among priorities.Understand our face, take the principle of contrast, play a little trick visually, and you can have the effect of improving your face. The basic shape of face can be divided into the follow six kinds: oval, square, round, heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, long. With your own face, you can basically try different styles of Cartier earrings based on your preference and skin color.

  1. Oval Face

You can try Cartier Pearl Earrings–the nail-shaped earrings of traditional pearl or gemstone, or Amulette de Cartier earrings–the suspended earrings that can be worn anywhere on the ear; or Cartier Agrafe Earrings–the extra-long pendant earrings that are very popular both inside and outside the fashion show this year.

Cartier Pearl Earrings

Amulette de Cartier Earrings

Cartier Agrafe Earrings

  1. Square Face

You can choose a style with a strong sense of the curve and a weak sense of the contour. For example, Cartier Love Earrings–the ring earrings that have become popular season after season are your best companions. However, our Asian skin color is generally yellow, compared to the silver ring, gold one even works better with our skin tone. If your skin color is white, you can choose this shiny diamond style–DIAMANTS LÉGERS DE CARTIER. In spring and summer, you can choose more interesting rings of flowers or animals elements,such as CARESSE D’ORCHIDÉES PAR CARTIER and PANTHÈRE DE CARTIER. You can also visually make a joke and choose 3/4 or semi-circular enamel earrings,for instance,JUSTE UN CLOU DE CARTIER and ETINCELLE DE CARTIER. Of course, be careful not to choose square earrings that also have a structural feel and angularity, because it will make your entire face tougher. At the same time, avoid the style which has a length to the chin , such as this year’s ultra-popular ornament earrings, because it will visually pull out a wider square which appears a wider face.

Cartier Love Earrings






  1. Round Face

You can confidently choose REFLECTION DE CARTIER–the style of angular geometry or pendant earrings. Square earrings as C DE CARTIER will make the contours and edges of the face more visible, add a touch of toughness to the presence and highlight the personality. Or choose a pair of pendant earrings with a feminine quality. They help to visually lengthen the face, which bring good news for a round face. In addition to the long tassels,CARTIER DESTINÉE–the earrings with a series of precious stones can also increase a sense of agility. You can also try this season’s very popular geometric single-sided earrings, their angular styles are usually able to shrink the round face in the sense of visual expansion, eye-catching ring coupled with wavy hair, easily shifts the line of sight focus.




  1. Heart-Shaped Face

You can try to balance your face with the pendant earrings of an upper-narrow and lower-wide polygon or equilateral triangle,for example,Cartier Link & Chain Earrings.You can also try Baroque style decorated with large gemstones–Cartier Retro Baroque Earrings, which uses the downward extension of the barycenter to shift the sight focus, so as to balance the slightly pointy chin.

Cartier Link & Chain Earrings

Cartier Retro Baroque Earrings

  1. Diamond-Shaped Face

You can choose PARIS NOUVELLE VAGUE–the pendant earrings of colored gemstones or pearl drip to add some mysterious and noble temperament. You may also choose a style that is a bit more complicated and exaggerated with slightly curved bottom, such as Cartier Trinity Earrings–a fan-shaped structure with a narrow top and wide bottom.


Cartier Trinity Earrings

  1. Long Face

You can choose CACTUS DE CARTIER–a short strap earring to help focus others’ gaze on the center line of your face, making your entire look more complete just like lipstick, with the magic that makes it easy for you to take on a new look.