Gem gorgeous feast Bulgari BERRIES series wrist watch

The article introduction

For those who are addicted to BVLGARI bulgari watch of wrist of exquisite craft or obsessed with its senior jewelry noble elegant demeanour, this sentence is particularly applicable. In their eyes, BVLGARI bulgari acura never worth hope is still to come. Launched in 2013, BVLGARI bulgari Berries tourbillon inverse inverse jump jump jump clockwise and Berries, and minute hand two fabulous wrist watch, send a surprise for many followers. Nowadays, BVLGARI bulgari is introduced based on the two wrist watch brand new item, new colour collocation again won numerous praise.

Both versions retain the Berries series unique jewel dressed-atom – new Berries jump and retrograde minute hand wrist watch with emeralds inlays, which the Berries tourbillon watch of wrist of retrograde clockwise from emerald and ruby ornament. A configuration by brilliant-cut diamonds into a beautiful act the role of coil wound on the white mother-of-pearl dial, become the highlight of this series of products.

BVLGARI bulgari unparalleled tabulation technology process is intimately involved with exquisite jewel, but these a few rare wrist become the perfect annotation for the love. Rooted in BVLGARI bulgari profound history, this series of watches by the BVLGARI bulgari Cocktail series jewelry creation feelings, and will watch manufacturing inlaid with precious stones craft perfect fusion.

BVLGARI bulgari will blend in the process of tabulating the collocation of color art. Transparent gem of carve through clever technology, make a feast for the eyes in the two Berries and inverse jump when the minute hand wrist watch. Inlaid on the wrist watch is particularly dazzling emerald, emerald Persian called “zamarat”, meaning the marrow of “treasure”. Since the middle ages to the age of enlightenment, the natural green has been regarded as a symbol of luxury, power, richly and so special.

Berries wristwatch with as many as 40 mm watchcase 7 emeralds: the total weigh 1.63 carat gem gracing 18 k white gold case, hand in photograph reflect with 129 cut diamond. Napoleon’s favorite color is green, who is the symbol of the imperial power and tonal. Nowadays, green represents good luck and courage, not only in games, accessories and jewelry sinochem as an angel of hope and the fun of life. In history, a strong dash had difficulty for artificial reproduction or retained for a long time, especially in leather and fabric. Today, emerald often appear as decoration in BVLGARI bulgari senior jewelry series, it not only widely respected by the exotic and the honourable characteristic, and also with the glorious and beautiful beautiful colour and lustre is acclaimed.

These gems of colour to have framed by a unique structure of hours jumps movement smooth add a beautiful beautiful. Berries series characteristic of the swirling adorn circle or surrounded in the 12 o ‘clock position jumps hour window, or haunt the tourbillon structure in the 6 o ‘clock position.

In the 1830 s, the French Blondeau tabulation craftsmen invented this amazing artifacts, pioneering use of small window number instead of a pointer on the dial shows hours. Every after 60 minutes, the small window in a digital change. Hours jumps wrist fused instructs the way different time – hour by digital sign, minutes and seconds are reflected by the traditional pointer.

The rich Berries tourbillon watch of wrist of retrograde clockwise in addition to dazzling emerald watches, and ruby table to choose from, presents another bright beautiful colour.

In the BVLGARI bulgari color gem experts to explore, if I could have found a color more vivid aptly interpretations of passion, to conquer, charming and engaging? Legend, Adam is based on the myth of the primary colors, “Adam” in Hebrew means “clay shape”. Red, shiny red or sparkling scarlet, always can let a person associate to the fruits of strong smelling, clipping elegant evening dress, filled with fragrant smell of flowers, and the Italian sports car roar gallop. It both for secular power edict to the world, also called for religious authority called beings; Or cardinal ring Jesus it bleeds into the sadness, sending out the magnet’s charisma.

Have been popular since ancient times, ruby, is indispensable to colorful jewelry compose ACTS the role of. In the process of elegant watch of wrist of build, ruby also loved by craftsmen.

In the long history of nearly two centuries, ruby initially the form of natural to carve. In recent years, synthetic ruby, used to make smaller friction coefficient of bearing, bearing steel with gear shaft. Berries tourbillon watch of wrist of retrograde clockwise 40 mm polished platinum inlaid in the watchcase round or oval rubies weigh 2.27 carat total weight, and the casing on 63 brilliant cut diamonds exterior design.

In order to improve the timing precision of mechanical watch, human invented the tourbillon system, used to offset the gravity cause interference to the balance wheel etc. The tourbillon on delicate bracket, on its own spin to overcome gravity, integrated with precise timing function and elegant temperament. Berries just flip the tourbillon retrograde clockwise as a jewelry masterpiece casing, can through the sapphire watch back, get a good view of the BVLGARI bulgari complex precision machine operation. The stability of the speed governor rotation can take in everything in a glance. The wonderful governor not only by manual grinding of the 22 k gold put tuo ensure wrist watch automatic chain machine runs smoothly, also can provide 64 hours of dynamic storage.