Cartier ring trade iapm mall store opened in Shanghai

The article introduction

World famous jewelry Cartier wrist watch brand, fashion trends in a busy section of Shanghai puxi new landmark, ring trade iapm shopping mall, held the opening ceremony of the “open the fourth stores in Shanghai. Covers an area of more than 50 square meters of shop for customers to create a fine shopping environment, make pleasant shopping experience again.

For grand Cartier it invited by Chinese audience favorite hit TV drama “the vampire diaries” witch Bonnie plays, internationally renowned all-around artist, actor, singer/songwriter, dancer Kat Graham, flew from Los Angeles to Shanghai, the opening ceremony of the “as a special guest.

At the same time, the Cartier guest ring trade iapm mall marketing director ms Shirley Lee on the ground, and brand in Asia Pacific, executive director of Franz Lanthaler Mr Hanny, head of Asia Pacific communications director ms Freund, Rainbow ms Chan, executive director of the Chinese mainland China, Isabelle, ms Wang and Kat Graham, cut the ribbon for the new store together. From more than 60 media guests invited to the Shanghai, common witness Cartier ring trade iapm new store opening.

Opening ceremony of the “the day’s invited to the charismatic host Samuel MTV music channel (Taiwan) Lien was presided over by flying from Taiwan to Shanghai, activities, elegant and attractive Kat Graham and guests to share the latest information of her career, her personal style, and jewelry accessories for her extraordinary significance. As a famous international artists, but also fashionistas, Kat Graham wore at the event by her hand-picked cartier trinity bracelet replica string act the role ofing is tasted, stunned, sending out charming temperament, all show cartier juste un clou replica style belongs to her. Her with great interest and guests to share her fashion wear tips, and how to match accessories makes the perfect shape the result: “for me, as an actor, singer, dancer, to show the shape of different style in different occasions is very important, alternately grace, and movement, or the rebel cold, I need to constantly bring new surprises, show my multifaceted character. In addition to a wide variety of clothing, I think jewelry accessories in terms of overall building modelling plays a vital role, because the right accessories, will light up the whole modelling, let my every appearance unique gave people a deep impression. cartier juste un clou bracelet jewelry has rich variety of design, such as mixing, fold wear collocation requirements create limitless possibilities, giving the wearer a lot of freedom and create space, bring infinite a fashion impact with the story. It just perfect accord with my request, let I can choose to match different modelling, showing my personality and great fit the atmosphere of the occasion.” Stressed she added: “I am very, very like THOMAS SABO Karma Beads product line of the whole design. For me, the expression of fashion jewelry is not just an individual tools, more pity is your place is behind each piece of jewelry is rich and interesting art momentum or spirit, complained of thousands of words. As love bracelet replica cartier product line of the variety of accessories, each one has a unique meaning, I can use their collocation to create my own cartier jewelry replica Style, express my idea in jewelry.”

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