Magnificent colors, seasons Circulation: Cartier Trinity series

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Cartier Trinity in nature touching color in the title, a symbol of earth colors change with the seasons cycle and rhythm.


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Cartier Trinity series released two products, namely Cartier Trinity ring replica and Cartier Trinity bracelet replica, each with moving style, a memorable. Cartier Trinity series with effect from July 2009, in London, Bond Street, New York Madison Avenue, Shanghai Citic Square, Pacific Place, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Harbour City, Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok International Airport, Ngee Ann City, Geneva Quai du Montblanc, Dubai dubai Mall, Los Angeles, Rodeo Drive and Rue de la Paix in Paris eleven cartier shop outlets.


cartier since July this year, the introduction of Cartier Trinity, the luxury brand of fine jewelry line magnificent new color added to make richer Cartier Trinity Series lineup. Popular Cartier Trinity rings replica, and the new appearance of Cartier Trinity ring, with moist 18K gold material mosaic flashing round diamonds or colored gemstones, beautiful spark clashes, described as a gorgeous variation Cartier Trinity ring.

Thousands of colors and magnificent spectacle of nature, to cartier provides an endless supply of inspiration: As Cartier Trinity ring from breathtaking highest peak in Europe – the six glaciers of Mont Blanc mountain, Mont Blanc and the brand Yi Yi ( cartier) named; Cartier Trinity series places nature touching color in the title, a symbol of the Earth with the solar revolution, earth colors with the seasons and change the natural rhythm; and rings inlaid gemstone color made fade concentrated, and the season in addition to inter-propelled rhythm echo.

Bright flashes of the winter and spring of intoxicating romantic, summer sunshine, cool breeze of autumn …… Cartier Trinity bracelet replica series with seasonal named, clear expression of color, scenery of different seasons atmosphere. Winter: white gold ring studded sapphire and flawless white diamond, such as Long winter clear air Lang, cloudless blue sky; Spring: Rose gold ring inlaid pink sapphire (corundum) and Madagascar ruby, light played vitality of spring rhythm; summer: Dazzling gold and gaudy yellow sapphire (corundum), flashed brilliant midsummer sun; autumn: warm rose gold and brown diamonds, evoke autumn earth abundance of color. Charming nature of color, so Cartier Trinity series feel more pleasing, soft metal brilliance and bright natural color gemstones and different color Jieke contrast, also with all kinds of cartier jewelry match each other, to create a great variety of fashion image.

Cartier Trinity Series title in nature and moving color, a symbol of earth colors change with the seasons cycle and rhythm.