Gong li to wear Hermes jewelry As the Shanghai film festival jury President

The article introduction

“Golden goblet” gong li was invited to become film festival jury President, became the first woman to head a golden goblet of filmmakers. As the supporters and drivers of film art in the world, Hermes this will also be accompanied by gong li, witness bright with light and shadow art time.

The Shanghai international film festival is known as “Oriental academy”, has always been there have been at home and abroad well-known filmmakers gathered in the film industry event. The night of the shen starlight, gong li to a cream-colored, match the earl senior jewelry at the red carpet, show the atmosphere of the van, become the focus that night. Hermes spread with bright diamond rose, flower bloom, as their way to the best of light and shadow story; hermes watch replica frontal necklace with birkin hermes replica bright China series earrings shine bright, style unique modelling and seiko fine impregnated diamond perfect echo, in this movie night, all show elegant aesthetics and gong li temperament.

The first American time magazine Forbes Chinese star, gong li with the red lantern “, “farewell my concubine” and other films have won international awards, laid the unsurpassable’s status as a global winner, became so far the only obtained personal honour in the world’s three big international film festival of Chinese film star. In just finished the cannes film festival, gong li and new again the return of the attention all over the world. Official after the screening, the fans from all over the world to the exquisite performance of gong li and artistic talent with the most warm praise, the scene applause even lasted ten minutes. In the Shanghai film festival opening ceremony, the organizing committee is more in a particular way of welcome to the outstanding achievements and gong li in the film art professional spirit.

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