Italian luxury Hermes jewelry product appreciation

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Six by Hermes careful selection of Italian jewelry designer, with its inherent aesthetic thoughts, and genetics of the jewelry design talent, along with the continuous and full of passion, and proud of unique originality, gives the Hermes unique design aesthetic.
With Italy’s deep understanding and appreciation of the traditional jewelry industry experience, Hermes its several Italian jewelry workshop and workshop production craft and art essence to retain and innovation, and special selection of local top studio, make each piece of Hermes receives one hundred jewelry workshop ring of handed down,
Can be passed down from generation to generation.

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Amazing Yu Baoshi the beauty of the original designer according to the shape of the original stone, create sending out the charming temperament of naturalism hermes bracelet replica series, vividly presenting the surface waves and singular vision of the bottom.

The vast sea is concentrated in a pendant earrings or small space, rich in gems of using administrative levels feels strong magic touch, is agree with magical charm of the sea. Like the waves of the sea wave opal rough stone, like sea water glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, in the light show under the refraction of light and shade change, is the best expression of “sea” of sparkling, white diamonds with Tanzania, orange sapphire stone, brown diamond, paraiba, aquamarine, etc for the mermaid, starfish, shell, water droplets, coral and other rich image, form the colorful “underwater world”.

In the sending out natural breath birkin bag hermes replica series, each a piece of opal through layer upon layer QuWuCunJing, keep the shape of original rock is the most natural, unique beautiful condition, is also a salute to the best of nature.

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In the heart of every woman has a red apple. Classic fairy tale “Snow White” in the red apple in the Italian design under the idea of combination and unconstrained style, sister and the brother into a delicate unsurpassed ring. The branches of the modelling of retainer ring arm with a studded with rubies of apple, gently open to apple, the original one still lurks a 18 k gold castle.

The rubies apple can also be removed as a pendant worn alone alone. “Desire” and “temptation” suggests that red apple, hung on the neck, it is clearly a declaration of the charm of personality publicity.

The branches of the modelling of ring arm can also. The thread of the plant is clearly visible, with white diamonds inlaid together leaves can turn. Will take off after apple can become another unique ring again. A jewelry has three different ways to wear, unexpected idea made the sweet design is permeated with a kind of postmodernism is wonderful.

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Also from the Italian designer sister and combination and this ring hermes bag replica series. Inspired by the famous fairy tale “one thousand nights”, the designer will mysterious amorous feelings of the Middle East into drawings. 18 k rose gold and white diamonds, Ma Beizhu, fry with sand stone, pink blue, purple and blue hand in photograph reflect, to build into a dreamy palace. Is more sophisticated, the fingertips of palace also hidden mystery – two small window can be opened, and a zenith – open it again after another impressive surprise: originally a filled a ring with exquisite compass, meaning “life need direction” forever;
And another is hidden a pair of Arabian dagger, metaphor “the beauty of a woman is like a sword”. The same design is also used in another dagger in the hermes scarf replica series pendant on. Can only pull out half the scabbard, both for design consideration, also cleverly coincides with the traditional Chinese culture “without anger” commander manner.

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From France’s legendary singer Edith Piaf soulful voice inspiration, with its classic masterpiece named for “La Vie en Rose” series of fine jewelry hermes wallet replica “La Vie en Rose”.

Roses romantic gesture by exquisite perfection the three-dimensional hollow out technology. By more than 1300 diamonds of the perfect suit, with dense nail Mosaic craft elaborate on the platinum diamond mesh, and the four points of each diamond grid, diamond connect again in an independent activities, make its present lace general light and soft. When the necklace around the neck, and in accordance with the curve changes and ups and downs, the female beautiful and graceful show to the extreme.

This rose 28.52 -carat diamond necklace in life, take six months to build a complete, a global set limit to, is the dream of every woman.

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