Michelle display Cartier jewelry tasting

Cartier celebrating the 160th anniversary of the name of the headquarters after the creation of memorial ceremony held in Tokyo Japan, 17 solstice on June 19, was held in Beijing international flagship store in cartier love ring repplica Cartier diamond tasting.

As a unique jeweller, Cartier has its own pearl farms, thus ensuring the Cartier Jewelry of absolute advantage and top quality, and the Cartier unique diamond grinding technology has been the world recognized. Strict select material and exquisite craft, and the integration of advocate natural beauty concept, shine light on high quality, so as to set off the wearer’s unique dazzling brilliance. As diamond industry’s top jeweller, Cartier has excellent diamond evaluation ability of original rock and grinding technology, is the only one for Japan, the world’s largest diamond suppliers of original rock De Beers group through strict audit, has “the original stone purchasing power (sight holder)” the jeweler, with direct purchase of the original stone qualification, the qualification is awarded only with the highest level identification ability and grinding technology and with the highest quality jewelry, is the top of the original stone Cartier operation.

Every shining diamond is started his journey by ordinary drill base, different travel path destined to a different destination, in order to let every cartier juste un clou replica selected can become the best diamond drill billet, decades of generations together, developed a unique diamond production techniques. From completely clean stone of pure, is full of sincere Cartier grinding, craftsmen to finally broken cocoon into a butterfly, become the symbol of power, authority, status and wealth. cartier trinity bracelet replica clever use of the latest 3 d projection technology, let visitors can enjoy the top depth of cartier love bracelet replica diamond shining and transparent, since the beginning of the well-known mark, dismemberment, finalize the design to the extremely professional cutting grinding, primary side, waist kite facets grinding to finally complete, cartier jewelry replica to exquisite craftsmanship, unreservedly to show visitors.

Special invite to have the title of “diamond trade appraiser” RongGu male Mr Stretched on the ground from a plain dark grey began to visitors drawing exclusive cartier bracelet replica diamond story. cartier love bracelet replica shining diamond so-called eternal beauty, as well as the beauty of the day – the top of the original stone, like nature itself — even the most sophisticated techniques, more faith – the most persistent heart.

Famous artist miss michelle, wearing a diamond on June 19, balance series Cartier Beijing guomao shop in activity, under the guidance of Mr RongGu male stretch heartily appreciate the rich content of Cartier diamond tasting. Accompanied by Mr RongGu, miss michelle also cheerful try many classic jewelry series, such as love cartier bracelet, cartier love ring repplica styles, and try to pick out the best under the guidance of the diamond!

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