Supermodel Qin Shu culture appearance Cartier senior jewelry show

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Local time in Paris late July 8, 130 – year – old jewelry brand Cartier in 2016 autumn and winter haute couture cartier love bracelet replica high-end jewelry series conference held during fashion week.

To show both inside and outside a star-studded, supermodel Qin Shu  special invited to show. She dressed in black classic Stella McCartney long skirt appearance, with senior love cartier bracelet jewelry pendants and necklaces, just arrived at the scene then attracted to the spotlight. Through the garden into the show, Qin Shu by Cartier global CEO Jean – Christophe Babin to meet in person, also attracted Cartier image ambassador, a former French first lady Carla Bruni’s attention. After two close hot chat, Qin Shu Pearson said: “Carla’s elegant temperament and humour bring out the best in each other, if you will be attracted by her, France and global fashion icon. She played Cartier advertising is my favorite so far!” As model Carla to Qin Shu culture is greatly appreciated, looking forward to seeing her again soon, more hope to be able to work together.

As brand friends of Cartier, supermodel Qin Shu culture had been invited to the cartier love necklace replica activities around the world, in 2012, Qin Shu culture become one of the “save the children” star of China, for the first time set foot on Rome more film festival red carpet. Attend MVSA senior jewelry shows that the Qin Shu Pearson said: “the Cartier has 130 years of history, retain its classic and constantly. Today’s conference from outdoor flower arrangement to show a new cartier jewelry replica jewelry, all presented Cartier jewel and supreme art, can’t let me move, let me find more style of inspiration.”

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