An interview with Claire Deve – dollars: jewelry is angel passing women inner emotions

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After graduating from montpellier, academy of fine arts, the age of 21, Claire Deve – dollars created her own jewellery and fashion design company.
Since then, she opened his creative studio, focus on jewelry and fine jewelry, and fang place outstanding craftsmen. In March 2012, Claire Deve – dollars to join the team still the Paris, as head of jewellery and watches creative studio.
The jewelry design wizards, share her attitude about the jewelry, about the design of beauty.

Q: in general, what kind of food will stimulate your creative inspiration?

Claire Deve – dollars: in fact, many elements in life can bring me inspiration, the surrounding buildings, the exhibition I have ever seen, including traveling experiences, and people around me, all can bring me inspiration. And still the Paris has a history of more than 200 years warehouse, there exists a lot of design sketch or model, although not improved in the past, but the sketches will bring me some inspiration, and from among them can find our brand has consistently adhered to the design of the code.

Q: about design elements, those you like most?

Claire Deve – dollars: I prefer nature and construction of combination of elements, but these elements in my design not a bad back, but on the basis of these elements into our ideas.

Q: ever understand Chinese jewelry design, could borrow Chinese elements in the creation of the later?

Claire Deve – dollars: personally I like Chinese art very much, I also communicate with Chinese artists have a lot of, I once again a Chinese artist showed me a bowl of work, I think the bowl really has done, if I do Chinese wind, definitely not Chinese designers to do well, so more stick to Paris style design. But our design will be influenced by the Chinese wind, artists in China now is very advanced, has a lot of ideas, even more than the European artist.

Q: on gem is varied, have a favorite gems or precious metals?

Claire Deve – dollars: I like the material of very diverse, I think the combination of different material, deconstruction and reorganization, to make jewelry more diverse work, and have more vitality.

Q: what do you think of elements or design totem best represents the Paris yet?

Claire Deve – dollars: actually, we have a lot of the classic series, such as Santos De Cartier Replica Replica series, series of Pasha Cartier Replica, and today’s Cartier Love Replica series, we will draw classic from many natural elements or historical elements, and creativity, these can represent still the Paris.

Q: all said the woman and jewelry has the subtle relation, how do you see this link?

Claire Deve – dollars: the one big characteristic of jewelry, is to see you wear jewelry can reflect your personality traits, and cartier trinity bracelet replica jewelry can be inherited, besides beautiful collocation and appreciation, jewelry is also the feelings of the messenger, pass a woman’s heart.

Q: you must have a lot of the collocation of jewelry and share to us?

Claire Deve – dollars: daily and work, I put them into together, if is daily and work, I recommend our new series, series of hydrangea, in addition to our cartier juste un clou replica series, very concise, is also very easy to collocation. If in the evening, some party, I commend push some more design feeling, more prominent jewelry. Mix the wind is also very popular, jewelry is not exceptional also, who also didn’t rule her jewels Cartier Wedding Ring Replica senior wear high, in fact, jeans, match a pair of beautiful shoes, wearing a high-end jewelry, is also a good match.

Q: what is your favorite jewelry?

Claire Deve – dollars: ring, ring, ring, must be a ring, Must De Replica Cartier ring is my favorite.

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